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Possibility Coaching

Possibility Coaching is a set of healing and initiation tools that empower you to take back your authority. The clarity gained in the session gives you new options to choose from and the energy to transform these choices into new actions. Possibility Coaching shows and opens doorways into new spaces within the area that you want to work with. In the session, you will go through the feelings, blockages, constructs, which are holding you back from creating the results that you are longing to create.

Feelings Work

Feelings work is about connecting to and navigation through your emotional body. Feelings and emotions are source of information and energy. You can use them to create what is important for you as a source of clarity, aliveness, connection and playfulness.

Men's Work

This is space dedicated for men. This is not about fairness or what is right or wrong. This is about your authentic initiation into adulthood. No matter if you are 20 or 60 years old. The question is: do you want to feel the pain of what you are creating right now? Are you committed to unfold your aliveness and do YOUR job in the world?

All services have a form of online or in person meetings that takes about 1-1,5 hour. Investment is 50 Euro for one meeting.

If you are not sure if service I provide is what you are looking for, let’s arrange free of charge meeting to get clarity about it.

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    Who I am

    I am passionate about discovering the magic of life and experiencing its multidimensional nature. I follow my heart’s impulses, often making unreasonable decisions outside areas of my competence. Unreasonable because the mind does’t yet understand where the heart is calling. And the heart calls me for the undiscovered, for creation, for embodiment of love more fully.

    I create spaces of clarity, love, creation and healing in individual and group work. I am discovering and creating new men’s culture based on collaboration to empower each other to courageously and vulnerably bring ourselves as a service to the world.

    I am the father of 2-year-old Mia and 4-year-old Leo and partner of Ewa, with whom I explore life in the present moment, following authentic impulses, without assumptions and rules.

    Together with New Culture edgeworkers I co-create the Ontree Center village in New Zealand which is a center for initiation into adulthood and new culture invention. In the village we experiment living together in the context of radical responsibility for what each of us creates consciously and unconsciously, and empowering ourselves become fully in this world.


    You held space for me to experience different facets of my being. With these new discoveries and distinctions I have so much more possibilities to observe, think and act out of my adult womanhood. And to be more authentic and vulnerable with others. I am grateful for your soft and clear guidance which allowed me to sink deeper in my experience. And for your questions, who created a vacuum in which I could grow into.

    Selina Frei

    I’m very grateful for the session with Wojtek. His professional approach and calmness were fundamental for me. I wanted to work on the fear feelings and emotions within me. Lately I saw that I don’t want to feel fear in my life, but of course I had many fearful thoughts in my mind and fear appeared very often. The energy space that Wojtek created for our meeting was so safe for me that I could express my fear 100%. It was profound. I had never done this before. For the first time I could really look my worst fears in the eye and stand there. I was feeling Wojtek’s supportive presence all that time. After I finished my process Wojtek said what he saw there and gave me many useful tips for the near future. I highly recommend session with Wojtek!

    Małgorzata Tea

    You held space for Healing for me with vibrant clarity and this helped me connect to my gut feeling with softness and boldness at the same time. I'm eager to be in other spaces with you.

    Gabriel Lechemin

    I had the opportunity to participate in the workshop "Fear - the key to connection and intimacy" by Wojtek and experience holding space for EHP. In both cases, his attentiveness, presence and sensitivity to what is happening gave me the feeling that Wojtek holds the space with his Heart in balance with the clear and decisive qualities of the Sword. During EHP, Wojtek navigated subtly, in a way that helped me go deeper, touch emotions and express them. The gentleness that accompanied it gave me space for my own pace in the process of releasing and healing. I am very grateful that I was able to experience this.

    Karolina Smulska

    Wojciech led a healing space for me to feel openly and without judgement, allowing me to navigate at my own pace. His presence and spaceholding conveyed safety and confidence to me, launching the essential questions to my new discovery.

    Alexandra Lopes

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