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Possibility Coaching

This space is about getting clarity how you are creating results in your life. You will look through your thinking patterns, beliefs, personality, so that you are able to take responsibility for what you are creating. All your four bodies are engaged in this process: physical, intellectual, emotional, energetic. You embody new possibilities within yourself, so that something different will be possible for you, then it is now.

Emotional Work

Emotional work is about connecting to and navigation through your emotional body. Feelings and emotions are source of information and energy. You can use them to create what is important for you as a source of clarity, aliveness, connection and playfulness.

Men's Work

This is space dedicated for men. This is not about fairness or what is right or wrong. This is about your authentic initiation into adulthood. No matter if you are 20 or 60 years old. The question is: do you want to feel the pain of what you are creating right now? Are you committed to unfold your aliveness and do YOUR job in the world?

All services have a form of online or in person meetings that takes about 1-1,5 hour. Investment is 50 Euro for one meeting.

If you are not sure if service I provide is what you are looking for, let’s arrange free of charge meeting to get clarity about it.

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    I am passionate about discovering the magic of life and experiencing its multidimensional nature. I follow my heart's impulses, often making unreasonable decisions outside my area of competence. Unreasonable because the mind does not yet understand where the heart is calling. And my heart calls me to life, to the undiscovered, to creation. The heart follows my desire to be fully who I am. It's like taking steps with the passion, commitment and curiosity of a child while taking responsibility as an adult for what I create consciously and unconsciously. It's an adventure where direction, information and energy comes from what I feel.
    I am researching and discovering a new men's culture based on mutual empowerment to courageously and vulnerably share our talents and resources with the world. I am the father of 2-year-old Mia and 4-year-old Leo and partner of Ewa, with whom I explore life in the present moment, following authentic impulses, without assumptions and rules.
    I create spaces of clarity, love, creation and healing in individual and group work. I specialize in possibility coaching, initiation processes into adulthood, work with feelings, group workshops about anger and fear, and couples coaching.
    Together with New Culture edgeworkers from different parts of the world, I co-create the Ontree Center village in New Zealand. This is a center of invention of a New Culture and initiation into adulthood, which means that everyone takes radical responsibility for the results they create in the world.
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